12 March 2012

Me again.

Originally Posted by niliko
Cubi' where are you? What we need is you work.. Fap'able work with gnome & dwarf futas :3
I'm at my home.
And alive.

And being my usual self and stretching the release date further into distance.
Shouldn't be anything new that I stay a long time silent and even further then I should do.
But like it says on the first post: Updates every two weeks unless others told!

Soooo now I've telling you that I will try to catch up next weekend and not leave you few people in total darkness.

So here's a filler picture of my biggest fish I managed to catch with my car.

<<<<<<<<< [CLICK HERE TO SEE THE BIG FISH| >>>>>>>>>

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Duderino said...

Its ok to take breaks. Sel misses you though!