27 February 2010

2x +petals.

Anyways, time for some updates again!

This time I'll bring you three new pictures:
Two last installments of Shemale Sel and a bonus with Sel.

Like I said before, these are the last ones for now, Shemale Sel will be put into hiatus until further notice, so don't expect to see more this kind of pictures in a long while.

    Sharing aid.[Shemale/Heter/Anal
    Second last picture of shemale Sel.
    Pleasure can also hurt, but a dear friend to share it might keep it down until the pure pleasure takes over the body, or maybe just to share the amazing pleasure that can't simple be shared with only one person.

    Dual effect.[Shemale/Oral]
    Last picture of shemale characters.
    On her last day with the effect of the elixir, Sel wanted to spend time with her dear friend, whom had given the elixir to her in the first place.

    Bed of Flowers.[Soft/Pinup]
    This is for all of you, and for those that were shocked by the shemale pictures.


WildCardCorsair said...

WOW, theyre all great but tha pinup is amazing, any way we could get a wallpaper sized version for 1280x1024? that would make a great desktop!

Anonymous said...

The older post are broken? help, i cant see older post from 2008 an 2009