14 January 2010

I'm not dead again yet!


Hi again, I'm not dead or anything^^ Spent a nice long holiday and back now to torment your minds with my pictures >:D

Anyways, I like to start 2010 with two new pictures of Brixi and Belvala and try something new and maybe something unseen before here in Darknest.
Also, both pictures are done in different styles which can be seen quite easily, I wanted to try out how they would turn out.


Small and growing.[Preg, Pinup]
This is actually based on Brixis current RP-plot(though she isn't this far in labor).
But also to do something completely new and unseen(I think) in Darknest since ever!
Pregnant Gnome and Dwarf! O:

Wild child in progress.[Preg, Pinup]
The second installment of the exotic pictures I've done this time for you, and now it's Belvala's turn to be pregnant ^^


Anonymous said...

Whoops didn't think i did that much to brixi :p but nice work as always ;)

Anonymous said...

wish u made more straight shota ^_^ think of the cool stuff that can happen xD Orphans! D: think of the lonely orphans!

Cube-heaD said...

Sadly, those kind of picture are off-limits from Darknest, so I would need to make it as blog-exclusive sadly :/

Hyperher0 said...

what about this? Sel is falling asleep while she's being cradled in a blood elf's arms,and he's singing a lullaby...... :P