08 February 2009


Lovely Orcettes[Lesb, Romance, Orcs]
High up in the jagged hills of Durotar can be found a small hut where a Orc couple lives. Normaly only one of them stays at the hut in turns as other keeps the guard or is hunting.
But today, soft murmuring and quiet noices can be heard coming out from the hut,
as the couple is together for the first time in many weeks inside the hut.
Gentle and quiet moaning, wet kisses and shuffling noises gently echoes in there as the two young Orcettes have moved close to each other for warmth and love.

Only one update this time, yeah sowwy :(
Was ment to do a yaoi one too but I left it half done... Tauren cawks are so hard to make realistic looking >_>

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