22 July 2020

House of Red Light: Harem part 3

I think I spent more hours on trying to figure our why Blender wasn't rendering any of the shadows, than working on the picture itself - only to find out the next day that I had accidentally unticked the 'shadow' render command. Go figures.
And with this picture now out, I think I'll give Selsel and Pandarens in general some time off. Mainly because Selsel's model is just so broken to work with and I really would want to find/make proper high texture skins for Pandaren (actually any race!) as their fur look quite poor when upscaled.
Enjoy this "final" picture of this mini Harem arc.

July 22th - "House of Red Light: Harem p.3" [Pandaren/Harem/BBW]
The matron cannot stress enough the patreons
to be careful with 'Big Jian' and not make her
too roused, or face the consequences of a huge
strong bear in blind heat and no guilt.
==XL-Size Edit==

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Anonymous said...

Man you need to do more giant-boob content its just so good in your style, also having a change of heart about the girl on girl stuff? I mean I guess technically it's a toy...