25 March 2018

Urdina & Selanaar - 2018 - 1

Two ivory haired dark exotic beauties. Surprise!
I am at the same times happy with the current models, but also still not satisfied how they look. I still have lot to learn when it comes to 3D-modeling and especially lighting(which I still suck and can get to work).

But here they are! Enjoy!

25th March - "Urdina & Selanaar: Ebony with Ivory" [Human/Draenei/Pinup/Tease]
Two gorgeous, ivory haired women,
representing what their people has to
offer when it comes to ebony beauties.
==XL-Size Edit==


Anonymous said...

A VERY good pic from you, freaking awesome man.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed the "1" at the end of this.

I would be VERY happy to see a 2, 3, or even 4 of these two lovely ladies <3

Anonymous said...

Wow this is a fantastic picture, while Selanaar wins in pure size, Urdina wins in shape with the top-tier bubble butt. Dem THIGHS on Selanaar tho, absolutely awesome. So much to like in this picture, wide load indeed.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, its... so... so....


Anonymous said...

Those two have some top-tier design, some of your best. I agree with other Anon, hope to see a 2!