02 April 2017

Sunday is when she rests

No Aprils Fools jokes here.
But a new picture with our newest librarian showing off her skills.
Still haven't figured out how her glasses stays on her muzzle.

April 2nd "Nahimanas Friendly Service" [Tauren/BBW/Straight]
Nahimana likes her job as an librarian
and always is very delighted to see her
friends visiting her. She enjoys helping
them find what they are after.
==XL-Size Edit==


Anonymous said...

Nice pose, sadly I'm not very big on furry stuff. I know other people really like it though!

Anonymous said...

Though furry isn't my kink, I like how your characters are getting bigger and bigger. Hueg busts. Now I kinda wish I could see Selanaar in that pose, just for the irony of her out-cowing an actual cow.