15 February 2017

Late Valentine's Day Remake Winner

It's the year 2017 and mid February - time to start post new pictures!
I'm a week or two late, if counting the voting post.

I'll type a proper 10 year anniversary post later, so let's get already to the vote winning picture.
I asked you to vote which one of the old pictures I would remake into the year 2017 and this is the one that won the vote.

15th Febraury "2017 Remake: Selanaar Riding a Tauren" [Draenei/Tauren/Anal/Selanaar]
Remake of a year 2007 picture
with tint of Valentine's Day.
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Anonymous said...

a w e s o m e

It's so good! Selanaar is always worth the wait. Can never have enough!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

God that's hot. Sel needs to be on top more. Cowgirl a best - she's essentially a cowgirl anyway :P

Anonymous said...

I love it! If i were to offer any constructive criticism, most pictures of Selanaar have her with very wide hips, while they seem rather "normal" here. Either way awesome picture, hope to see more of her soon <3

Anonymous said...