21 February 2016

The Party Never Ends!

New weekend, new picture!

This time we have Lord Saltheril and Elisara Sunstriker from Saltheril's Haven and their never ending parties.
Don't be shocked what you are about to see, it is totally normal for the host to gain some weight after many years of elaborated parties - even if you are a elf. Elisara though, has kept her size down in thin along with the partygoers.

21th Febraury "The Party Never Ends" [Belf/Straight/Group]
Lord Saltheril has hosted elaborate parties for years and met many partygoers
that has grown addicted to the parties and it's ample supply of Bloodthistle petals.
By his side, Elisara Sunstriker, still trying to get his attention.


Anonymous said...

OOh nice, a Harem picture! Pretty nice too :D I also like how each lady is a different size, although my favorite XL size is missing! Great pic cube

Anonymous said...

I like this one :D good stuff man

Anonymous said...

I liked this one the most out of your february pictures!

Anonymous said...

Cube and Sel Mia! Sound the alarm!