Mid October picture!
This is just another random picture that popped up my mind one night.
There's nothing special in it and it's made with the crudest style I could manage to.

Halloween picture you are asking? Or maybe not. I'll try to come up with something for later this month, but we'll see - most likely won't.

  • 15th October."Mating for Body heat" [Taunka/Tauren/Straight/Anal]

    It is important to keep up your body heat while in cold regions.
    The Taunkas of Northrend know this very well and have grown
    think furs, but also various methods to keep their bodies warm.

    Remember to CLICK the image for full resolution at the gallery!

PS. Today Blizz did release the newest patch to WoW and it changed the file-system into WoD style, meaning WMV cannot open and reach out for the models.
This means I have to work with old unfinished pictures I have stored in my folders and hope I have enough items to work on them.
What else does this mean for me? I need to learn how to extract the new models out and import them.
Sure the internet has had those for ages, but the new system isn't that easy - or least what I found out while researching.
Maybe I was just blind not to see and only found forums with these kind of responds "If you don't know and understand how the code works and cannot code yourself, this isn't for you".
Besides, my pessimistic nature to own art and Finnish pride forbids me to ask help from others. Why do I follow this? Because I'm a thickhead in that fashion.