22 July 2014


Click image to open it larger and in my tumblr.

I um… I need to get better at writing or someone else needs to take that job from me.
Also this is rather poor excuse of absent times and horrible self glorifying comic.


Anonymous said...

Duuude, welcome back Cube! Totally happy to see you! Would you prefer we watch you here or on your tumblr?

Also, I enjoy the comic, it would be 100% amazing if you did some more sexy-ish comics with Sel and co.

Anonymous said...

We missed you cube, hopefully you and sel... *cough* make up for lost time? ;D

Anonymous said...

Happy to see you back Cube :) cool you have a tumblr now too

Anonymous said...

Good to see you!

The comic was amusing, but you honestly don't have to do futa (unless its futa-on-female, rrowr)

Would love to see more comics from you of the sexier variety! Especially if it has everyone's favorite draenei goddess

Anonymous said...

Oh lord, you're back? This makes me so happy. Your style with Sel had gotten better and better and better, and right when it was just getting crazy good you disappeared. Never leave us again ;_;

Anonymous said...

Would you like us to watch your blog or tumblr more? If you like the tumblr more, you should add an ask feature!