29 January 2014

Late New Year posting!

Happy New Year to everyone!

...a month late! xD

Sorry, January 2014 has been quite lazy and slow for me. But here I am again with new pictures.
Firstly, reasons why so late:

  • I'm a lazy bastard.
  • My plans to make three pictures over all.
  • The past two weeks I had trouble to get myself to work on the last picture.

So there you go. Hope two PoV style pictures are enough for a starting BANG than three. Maybe I'll add the cunniligus scene another time.

Hope you few people will enjoy them. And how I for these ones I used once again my V3 style.

  • 29th January."New Year Eruption" [Draenei/Pandaren/Heter/Paizuri/Cum]

    Happy Late New Year to all from Pandaria! (2014)
  • 29th January."Tender Wake-up" [Draenei/Tauren/Heter/Oral]

    Late New Year after-party morning. (2014)

I don't know what else to type here, much like every time.
Until next time, lurkers!


Anonymous said...

Innnnncredible. Sel starting to get lewd. I love this path you're taking her :3

Anonymous said...

I'm usually the guy who screams in caps whenever you post a Sel pic, but I've come to realize you make a better one every time.


Anonymous said...

I can't post comments any more in your gallery :( Dunno how to register.

However, both pics turned out awesome. You're getting better and better cube, and sel is still #1!

Duderino said...

Faaaantastic. Paizuri is wonderful. did you have fun making that? Paizuri pics never get old, and have many different possible good angles!

I'll try to post constructive criticism!

+Her purple skin looks wonderful
+Nipples look well-done
+the cum looks erotic
+++Her eyes look fantastic!
+the bright penishead gave a good "just finished" look
+Dat paizuri. very very little wow porn with it, awesome in general
+great pic of classic model sel

-The skin on her face seems a bit differently-colored than the rest of her body
-Her shoulders seem a bit... off
-Her head seems slightly large, I know it's mainly from the angle though
-Her boobs look a tad... deflated? Obviously they're big, but mabye you know what I mean.

Overall, totally loved the pic. The heater pic was a good one too, sel had an AWESOME look on her face. Obviously the paizuri wins full ponts though!

Anonymous said...

Dat paizuri 2gud

Anonymous said...

HOOLY SHIT that was hot. I could definitely get behind more Paizuri pics.

Most importantly more Sel is always amazing~

Anonymous said...

How in the world do you keep getting better and better?

Anonymous said...

You're getting better and better cube :)

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with that criticism above. It looks amazing cube! The more Sel the better!