27 June 2012

Midweek responding.

Time for a poke and responding to the comments.

I can say that over the years, the forum has either changed more and more to favour futa styled art with the "pretty" races.
Also if there is any amount of clothing on and the picture isn't drawn, it's mostly seen unworthy for comments.
Not that I really mind it, as I've grown used to it and got my gallery to track views and votes on each picture.
Plus, this is my hobby and I take quite joy in making these pictures while I can't draw crap on actual paper, properly.

But anyway, it's only Wednesday and the picture was posted back on Monday(least it was in Finland).
Two comments in the gallery, five in my blog and two in my forum thread. That's actually quite good.
I might take next weekend off as I've posted one picture each week for three weeks in a row.
I say I -might-, who knows if I get a sudden inspiration for another tease picture or a "proper" porn picture.

Before I end, here's a- Oh! Sixth comment was just posted into my blog, heh.
As I was typing, here is a lil' bonus picture I "did" as I found a neat little npc-only headgear in the game.

The librarian did finally get her proper glasses!


Anonymous said...

OOo I always love the glasses models in WoW. Kin of wish they'd use it more often, eh?

Anonymous said...

Sel in the first 3 posts.