14 December 2008

late updates again!

BAH! Again I forgot to update my blog with my latest pictures ><;;;;;;

Wait a minute? There's the third part and why is this a five panel comic-strip???

Time to grind for some rep with the picky mighty dragons! >:3

Sleepy Sweepy SeaSel~[Mermaid/Non-erotic]
SeaSel taking a soothing sleep at her hidden giant-clam with one of her favorite friends.

Sel has transformed into her sea-form! SeaSelanaar, the Draenei Mermaid~<3
>>>The one above has baby murlocs in it and the below one doesn't have<<<<

Nude-versio: http://ks360158.kimsufi.com/bakaras/Oth ... o-bras.jpg

1 comment:

KiƱuru said...

The Mermaid version from Sel are Really cool and i like it really much.

Aww are a dragon penis not to big for the cute Sel?