01 April 2018

Urdina & Selanaar - 2018 - 2 - Easter!

Happy Easter etc!
I decided to make another one, just because I like you people.
I also need to find better HD-level skins for my models, I'm getting somewhat tired smoothen them out.

1st April - "Urdina & Selanaar: Happy Easter!" [Human/Draenei/Pinup/Tease]
Happy Easter 2018!
To celebrate the spring, the ladies wanted
to show more of their hindquarters for you.
==XL-Size Edit==


Anonymous said...

Another top-tier picture. Good lord each of Selanaar's thighs is the size of urdina, that's amazing <3

Anonymous said...

Good lord this was nice, their bodies are just hypnotizing. My only small critique is Selanaar's chest looks strangely small in this, considering how amazingly huge it was during valentine's. Shouldnt it be spilling past her arm? Dunno mabye its the angle. Either way totally love the picture, you're really kicking it up a notch this year.

Anonymous said...

My jaw's just hitting the floor, it's so good!!!