23 March 2008

Two new!

I thought I would pubish comment that was sent to me about the second picture with the shota action.
True it's a boy and not an adult, but due to all the lore and fantasy given to W4rCr4ft, there is no actualy facts or lore of the ageing process of an Draenei. How fast do they mature and grow? At what age are you adults? So many questions and no answers given.

I only tagged the picture as Shota and told in the backstory that it's an young boy, but what if the boy is actualy an teen? Who knows.

Actualy the comment that was posted nearly made me laugh aloud (^^)-b

Anyways, there might be a rule or not, but as long as no age is told and it's fictional and not real, I stand behind "free speech".
Also, I'm really surprised that someone even checks these old posts :D

Copy from my thread hehe^^;

Forgive me for my absent... Been busy with this thing called, "Life".
Aaaand being lazy and all... ^^;
But here is now two new updates for you all~


As a mother, Selanaar know how much it means to feed her children with her own breastmilk. It gives the child needed vitamins and resistances to diseases along with the food the baby needs.
But there is also a backfire if ones breasts produces too much milk and it begins to ache and even hurt sometimes. Luckily, she has many hungry mouths to feed along with her child and friends. Friends who gladly will help her in her aching pain.

Might be bit yucky for some of you viewers, but this was morely of a experemental picture with Sels actual face and... something else... hehe.

#2(This one I had to remove from Darknest as it was violating the rules of underaged characters in anykind of picture or story)

Back in Draenor, when Selanaar used to be a teacher. She had notices one of her pupils was remarkably talented in anything he was tasked, he was also very intelected for a child of his age.
One day after school, Selanaar decided to give some private teaching for the boy and wanted to see how far ahead he could study from the other pupils... Seemingly, ALOT further.

I hope you won't hunt me down now for making a Shota picture... I worked so hard on him... And still he looks like... like... Something...

19 March 2008

While working at the swimhall and on the pictures, I'll post Sels lore here^^

Background of Selanaar "One-eye" Tallulah, soon be known as Selanaar Wildheart.


-Talent: (link)


-Unknown (over 5000 years, that's for sure)


-Looks(Shamesly copyed my RSP ^^;)
Selanaar is a female Draenei who is chubby compared to her kins.
Seen carrying a newly born child in her arms often.
Very dark purple, more to black looking skin covers her body and looks untouched. Common to her kins, her age cannot be told from her looks, but something makes you feel shes has seen alot and lived very long.
Long pearl-white hair reaches down to her bum and hides almost complitely left side of her face.
On both horns, there are scars on them, and her left one seems to have a semi-large crack along it's side, coming out from the middle up to the tip.
When seeing under her hair over her left face, her eye is very dim almost dark, nearly black and the skin around it has turned even darker then her skin is normaly.

Dressed up in the finest cloth and very formal dresses. Mostly wearing robes of scholars and mages.When not using a dress or robe, she usualy has a skirt or some sort of sarong on. Around her neck hangs a silver chain necklase wich houses a blue hanging gem. Over her forehead a jewel is floating magicaly, faintly glowing with a small pulse. On her finger is a beautiful looking weddingring.
Her four tendrils are very long and hangs over her chest and on her sides. Each one of them has a small ring around them, with a very small powercrystal in them.
Her tail is more then twice as long her kins normaly would have and it has a leather collar around it at the middle and a golden brace near the tip(the brace looks like a friendship brace). She constantly keeps swinging her tail slightly from side to side.
(The rest is what you see in-game)

Selanaar has a gental heart with a proud spirit which can be seen from her face and how she stands out. She is calm and peacefull, but when angered or annoyed, she won't hasitate using her powers to gain the peace she requiers or asked. Before coming to Azeroth, Selanaar was very independent and strongly minded. But, after the crash and recovering from her injuries, she was more like a lost child, acting very shyly to the new world, pure and innocent and very depended on other people. In time, as she learned more about the "new" world, she has slowly turned back to her old self, through her studies and journeys.

(Due the lack of lore that Blizzard gave us, there might be major gaps at the plot-lines and places)
[If I have told other, this lore will "overlay" them.]
Born many thousend years ago before arrival to Draeneor, she lived a simple life with her family and friends. Living her early years in Telredor(found in Zangarmarsh), she and her sister grew up peacefully under the ways of light, blessed by the Naaru. As time passed, she and her family moved to Nagrand, settling down at a small village near Telaar(lies west of Telaar, near a lake). Living their lives in Nagrand, Selanaar slowly grew up to a mature woman, never felt the fear of danger or pain, yet living so close to Orcs, as they were still friendly towards her people.
Intrested by the shamanic ways of the Orcs, Selanaar wanted to become an Scholar, as she had an endless hunger for more knowladge of the surrounding world, much like her parents. Joining the path of the arcane users, she was given the lowest rank and job, the librarys keepers assistant. It wasn't much, but she was happy, now having an acces to the library and able to study more alone, and with her succesor. When time came, she could have started to train on her arcane skill and powers, but, as they were still hiding from Kil'jaeden and his Legion, no magic was allowed, stated by Velen himself. Years passed by and Selanaar grew more mature and gained more knowladge each passing day. Slowly moving up in ranks, she was given the "masters" place at the keepers of lore in the late years of Draenor.

As the society grew larger and peace ruled over the nations, something unimagened happened. Kil'jaeden found the planet, and her race. Using the noble Orcs as his tools to destroy the Draenei, where he did almost succes, slaying over eighty percent of the draenei race and sent the rest fleeing for safety to the remote corners of the world. Selanaar and her family, amazingly survived the attacks and feeld to the Naaru temple called Tempest Keep. There, she started to practise along with many others, on the arcane spells finaly. Facing the Orcs and minions of the Legions for several years, Selanaar didn't loose her faith on her people, aiding to keep the borders clean and countering the raids against them. In time, when the Orc, Elder Shaman Ner'zhul, attempted to allow the remaining orcs on Draenor to escape to other worlds by opening other dimensional portals; however the presence of so many portals tore the planet apart, leaving only torn fragments of the former world floating in the Nether, and the barely-hospitable remnants were renamed Outland. In the explosion most of the life on Draenor was wiped out although a number of orcs, ogres and some of the few remaining draenei survived, mostly who stayed in Tempest Keep.
Years passed again, and the time seemed not to end for them, or the raides against them, The Blood Elves discovered the power of Tempest Keep and successfully seized it. To escape, Selanaar and her people managed to wrestle control of a wing of the keep, the Exodar, and tried to use it to flee and find aid in retaking their home. Before they could, however, the blood elves managed to sabotage what is essentially the 'engine' of the draenei's transdimensional travel. When the draenei tried to planeshift, the engine went haywire, and the Exodar ended up hurtling out of control through the Twisting Nether, crash-landing on a chain of islands called Azuremyst Isles, off the western coast of Kalimdor. As the surviving draenei salvage what they can of their ship and try to help what's left of their people, they begin exploring this new world.

When the Exodar crash-landed on Azuremyst Isle, Selanaar hitted her head pretty badly against the wall, sending her into a coma. Amazingly, she woke up because of the strong spirit of hers and the aid of the blessing of light to her people. Waking up all weak and alone in a shattered piece of Exodar, she found out that her left horn was very badly damaged and her left eye was also gone blind. For a moment, she thought there was no one else left alive, seeing corpses of her people around the crash site. Roaming around Ammen Vale for only a day, she almost lost the will to live, because of her injuries and not knowing what happened to her family after the crash. All tired and worn out, she did collapse not far away from a settlement of her people, not knowing this, she was ready to accept her grim fate and passed out. Not long from this, only few moments, a scout found Selanaar, and discovered her to be still alive. Carrying her to the settlement in a haste, the priests begined to heal her the moment she was lied down.
Waking up, for the second time, she saw other of her race, smiling to her and being glad shes still alive with the few among them. Bursting into tears of the happiness, she staid at the healers until she could walk easily again. She aided the settlements with everything she could, and in exchange, she was told more of the world they had crashed into. Day by day, living in Ammen Vale, she couldn't forget about her family and waited to hear any news about them, happy or grim, either one would be better then not knowing anything. In the end, she couldn't bare the sorrow, she gathered her strength and left to Exodar and sign for a simple aggrement with her people and the Night Elves. Waiting for a respond while studying at the crystal library, she slowly regained her lost powers and touch with arcane.
After ten days and night, she recived a message, that an Night elf would be ready to meet her at Kalimdor, Darkshore. Eagerly, yet fearing what she would find over the sea, she packed her items and left to meet her first Night Elf. Arriving to Darkshore, a kind smile welcomed her to Kalimdor, Calilmar, a druidess of the claw. Befriending with her, she showed Selanaar around most of Kalimdor, and Eastern Kingdom. Learned the common language and some Tier. Selanaar grew more happier and slowly her personallity grew also back what it was before, voeing an eternal friendship with the druidess and her people, Selanaar left to aid the native people with anyway she could, in exchange, if they had to offer, lore of the "new" world, which she did eagerly study.
In time, Selanaars' hunger for knowladge, led her to the human lands, and found herself in Stormwind. Offering her aid for the mages there, she was given an sanctuary to live in for her stay, where she could study and have experiments in peace. Gaining the titel Sorceress of the Light for her works and ways she did amaze the local arcane users, she earned respect with the humans very quickly and not before she was allowed to ride on a horse and not turn a gaze with a pitful message to her. Now called sorceress, Selanaar gained also acces to larger librarys with older tomes and books, which she had longed to study. Learning more of the human world in the both ends of the continent, old lores and histories. After she was finished with most of the library, a hunger for the lores of Kalimdor was lighted.
Traveling back to Exodar, she requested the great prophet Velen, for a blessing to enter the Night Elves lores. Giving his blessign to her, he told her to seek Tyrande, and ask directly from her. Thanking Velen, she traveled with haste to Teldrassil, and entered Darnassus. Hoping to meet with Tyrande and that her request to meet her would be accepted, she was surprised, that, Tyrande herself was up there, like waiting for her already. Welcoming Selanaar to Darnassus, she wanted to know her reason for the urgent visit. Carefully, Selanaar told her reason, while pondering why Tyrande sounded like she knew the reason already. Gladly accpeting the request, Tyrande told her to travel to otherside of the city for a certant house and meet up with the owner of the places. Thanking Tyrande, she left happily towards the pointed house, almost beaming with joy. Arraving to the place she was pointed, she entered it carefully, and meeting up with the owner. She only knew the name of this person which Tyrande told; Zurildor. After a small moment exchanging names and reasons, Zurildor brought up that Velen and Tyrande had "worked" together to resign kins of her people into the ranks of the holy circle. Slightly annoyed of the fact, she still kept the smile on her face and accepted the irony of the prophet, and also accepting Zurildors offer to join the ranks of the Guardians of the Circle.
After Zurildors leave from the Cricle, Selanaars mind was turning very uneasy for the Circles ranks and members, before knowing, she left it to find a new place to call home. For her luck, it wasn't far, since settling down to Darnassus gave her an ideal place for living and studying, she had met many wonderful people there she befriended with, but mostly during her babyfewer that suddenly bursted into flames, she tried to find someone to hold on and love. With no luck, her spirit very slowly grew smaller, unable to find love she needed, only love what she could offer to others in pain and sorrow, but unknowing, this selfish acting paid well to her as one day her good friend, Nishlamena Wildheart, came up to Selanaar and whispered those words she had been longing for ages, but from another gender. Smiling, she simply couldn't refuse from the love she was offered, there wasn't going to be another chance or better person to be with. Accepting her love, her life began to shine and was more happy every passing day with Nishlamena, who had been the ideal mate she ever had wanted to find.
Months passed with her new love, but also her stomach had been growing bigger, she had becomed pregnant, filling herself with great joy, becoming a mother herself had been her goal for many years now. During those months, one of her friends, Escalayer, had been pleage from Selanaar from her sorrow and missery. Feeling sorry for the young human girl still under her twenties, Selanaar adobted her as her daughter, growing her family with one, and giving her unborn child a "older-sister" to follow after.
Time passed and the great day came, giving birth to a baby girl, Selanaar and her family and friends were over joyed to see the new born child in it's happy mothers arms. Selanaar named the child Linenaar after her family line and for some unknown reason, maybe the name was from one of her lost childhood friends from history.
Overjoyed to be able to grown her child in the ideal place, Darnassus, she had met few new friends and even gained better position in her life then ever.

-Special notes
The fountain in Telredor with the Draenei female and the two girls, are actualy a scalpture of Selanaars mother, her sister and herself. Not really knowing the fact, Sel didn't remember there was a statue by the fountain when they did live there, but it was build later on, many years after they had left to Nagrad. Maybe her mother was just beautiful, or a very important person of the town. No one knows or reembers, or if they do, Selanaar haven't yet met them. Etherway, the statue in Telredor stands still up in it's glory and beauty. The mother, which looks almost like Selanaar, only has minor points that makes her look different.(Go and have a look, be amazed and gasp)

15 March 2008

No real news heh

Nothing much to tell yet, hehe.

Second day soon over and we've been got bit futher in Pn'P roleplay^^

But the real news is what my dear dear friend did link and post to me.
Cubehead: an 16 year old girl doing erotic screenshots of her cyber-character on earthern ring. She always whines about people doesn't comment her pictures enough. Has also decided her "art-work" isn't worth posting to see unless she gets TEN comments per new post. Her screams for attention unfortunately work.

I couldn't stop laughing when I read this. It's only correct in few places actualy to be sure xD
1. I do play on Earthern Ring
2. I did decide that I "want" then comments for each new image before posting the next one, and it has been working so far.

But still, it's just so funny that who ever did write this thing really just wants to mess around.
It's so funny I can't even be mad, which I wouldn't be anyway^^ But still, am I really a 16 year old girl that whines and posts altered screenshots of my cyber-character? She is my main character yes, but still :D I've never said I was a girl, even if I do have my gender hidden, 90% of everyone knows I am a male ;P

Check more from here: http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/Darknest

12 March 2008

Next updates?

This is really for those who have lost from Darknest forums here by mistake^^

Tomorrow morning, I'm headding for a friend in Tamperkele for a weekend over Pen&Paper RPing so I'll lack the chance to make anything this week.

But I've been thinking of the next ones and came up with few erotic ones but most important, I came up with few HORROR ONES! YAY!

One would be Sel burning/freezing an entire village with the people still there.
Two would be something to do again with my fetish for Silent Hill or a very very gore one <3

PS. the image on the right is one of my earliest Sel pictures, back when I did plan to make her a shaman^^

10 March 2008

Death the... I've lost in count.

Seems another server has fucked up my hosting those picture....

...I don't know how many times this has happened before...

....I'm starting to loose hope and trust, mostly I'm so sick that I won't soon bother to upload them anywhere even.