28 December 2016

Last window - finally!

Time for the last window!
I'm five days late, but Christmas happened - that's my reason.

28th December "Quiet End for the Night [Selanaar/Tease/NonEro]
Could this be finally something
the 'lil Helper was looking for?
== XL-Size Edit ==


Anonymous said...

I think it's cute her blanket sort of matcher herself - both purple!

Also, is that her ASS down there? lordy lordy Selanaar's general hugeness never gets old, I'd be so happy if you just did pictures of her, by far the best <3

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm just saying, that gnome is totally staring at her boobs. Not saying I blame her, but still, perhaps she's not as pure as she was making herself out to be!

Anonymous said...

Damn, I want a peek under that blanket!

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