22 April 2010


Sowwy, I've been just lacking EXTREMELY HARD motivation. This is why I haven't been posting anything around aaand doing any my pictures.
Sorry hehe... please forgive me ^^;

Anyways, I have nothing else really to tell expect:

    REQ: Family Portrait[Pinup/Lesb/Preg]
    Friends request that I had been neglecting for too long, so here it is.

    Peace treaty[Lesb]
    Sometimes, the most effective way to win over an enemy is through diplomacy and kindness.
    Sometimes it's sharing the common interest and hobby, even if your races despite each other and you are partly an mutant.

    "Scientific Discovery"[Lesb]
    Each race has an distinguish taste and smell, sometimes that taste is quite hard to get onto without getting closer enough to have an lick.

    Beauty from Death[Pinup/Necro]
    Death is an mysterious thing. Death means end of a persons life and the beginning of eternal slumber, unless resurrected or risen from the death as a mindless creature, hungering only for the living.
    Sometimes, when a creature of the undead is finally freed from the necromancers spells, the person regains his/hers mind and will to live, yet staying as an walking corpse.
    For some, it's an curse, for others it's an new start. For few rare, it gives them the eternal beauty they were trying to get when living.

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