27 March 2017

Librarian Monday

Monday update time!
Librarian Monday!

Had plans for a bigger picture last weekend, but no the time. Instead, I'm slowly introducing few new characters that will be featured later in a group picture.

27th March "Namihana Coalhoof - Lorekeeper" [Tauren/Pinup/Tease/BBW]
Namihana is one of many librarians working
down inside Cleft of Shadow and up at Valley of Wisdom.
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19 March 2017

Part three and raffle winner

Here again with a new picture.
Took one week off there, let's say, due to motivation droppage.
This picture is at the same time tumblr exclusive 10-year anniversary raffle winners request and a continuance to the two previous picture about Selanaar. I actually had no idea how to continue on the third picture, so this request was a lifesaver.

19th March "Relieved by the Helpful Librarians" [Draenei/Human/Threesome/Paizuri]
If one cannot find what he is looking for,
it can easily become very frustrating.
Unless he asks help from the librarian,
who will happily help to find what is lost.
-March Raffle Winner picture-
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05 March 2017

Sel the Librarian part two

Sunday Fun Day.
Had today very annoying problems with my computer, most possibly registry and/or memory problems.
Would've posted earlier, but none of my programs would run properly for few hours.
Anyway, onto the next picture!

5th March "Selanaar the Librarian P.2 [Draenei/Pinup/Selanaar/Tease]
New books are arriving and the old ones
needs to be sorted and repaired.
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26 February 2017

Selanaar the Librarian

Time for this months last picture before we move into March.
I thought to do something more "tame" this time, but enough "lewd" for the pervy mind.

26th Febraury "Selanaar the Librarian [Draenei/Pinup/Selanaar/Tease]
Back at her old profession,
as an librarian in Stormwind.
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19 February 2017

Remake vol 2

Next we have another remake, this time for year 2008.
This one nearly had enough votes to be number one, but barely was beaten by last weeks remake.
I took some liberties with the picture, changed the position(the old one was just dumb) and adjusted the Murlocs to be more fitting size and colour.

19th Febraury "2017 Remake: Selanaar Caught Between Murlocs" [Draenei/Murloc/Threesome/Selanaar]
Remake of a year 2008 picture,
featuring Cupid to continue Valentine's Day.
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15 February 2017

Late Valentine's Day Remake Winner

It's the year 2017 and mid February - time to start post new pictures!
I'm a week or two late, if counting the voting post.

I'll type a proper 10 year anniversary post later, so let's get already to the vote winning picture.
I asked you to vote which one of the old pictures I would remake into the year 2017 and this is the one that won the vote.

15th Febraury "2017 Remake: Selanaar Riding a Tauren" [Draenei/Tauren/Anal/Selanaar]
Remake of a year 2007 picture
with tint of Valentine's Day.
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07 January 2017

Lazy month.

Just here to tell you people that I'm having my yearly one month vacation from doing WoW smut.
It is not that I need to take a time off from this, it is more that I'm always too lazy to do anything during January. I might try to work on my non-existing Blender skill, get my gallery sorted out and figure out how those bloody spam-bots gets through my blocker or nothing at all and just be all lazy ass.

So have this filler of a silly engraving I made last summer.

31 December 2016

End of Year!

The year isn't over yet! At least where I live.
Much like last year, here is the final Boom to end of Winter Veil/Christmas.


31th December "End of Winter Veil Through Dreams" [Selanaar/Draenei/Dwarf/Straight]
She was sleeping like a good girl,
but in her dreams she ended
into the Naughty Book.
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28 December 2016

Last window - finally!

Time for the last window!
I'm five days late, but Christmas happened - that's my reason.

28th December "Quiet End for the Night [Selanaar/Tease/NonEro]
Could this be finally something
the 'lil Helper was looking for?
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