11 November 2018

Stablehand on the loose!

Whop! Late Night(Finnish time)posting time!
Still tweeking on her model and I'm fairly happy with it. There is still a small chance I might redo her model once again, depending on where I go with my style.

Not much to tell about the picture but that it was rather quick one and I'm quite happy how it still turned out.

November 11th - "Stablehand's Leisure Time" [Human/Pinup]
When the Stablemaster and everyone else left
for the weekend, Urdina stayed alone to look after the stable.
So she for some peculiar reason decided to stip down
and pose for the empty yard her best views.
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05 November 2018

Part two of a Summer Jam picture!

Time to finish some unfinished "stories" or least this one.
This next picture is continuance to one of the Summer Jam pictures. I had started working on this one, but for reasons already forgotten I moved for another picture. I hope this satisfies those who waited for a second part back then.

November 5th - "Riding the Rowboat - Finale" [Draenei/Human/Straight]
As the air was already quite humid from heat,
it was no surprise that the two sailors would
end up wildly rocking the rowboat with passion.

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29 October 2018

Last picture before "spooky month" ends.

The SpooooOOOooOooooky Month is coming to an end. Next is Día de Muertos, but I think we've had enough of skeletons for a while.

I toned down the spookyness in this one and made it bit more lewd, as I'm sure my previous picture scared some people off. Way too spooky.
I would like to use these angry coyotes more, but their models are so clunky and old old. Who knows, maybe Blizz will update them after next two expansion.

October 29th - "Howling in the Night" [Worgen/Human/Orgy]
Four unwary poachers surrounded by a pack
of vicious wolves, outnumbered and slowly
cornered like little critters. The howls are heard
all through the night. Luck will be on
their side, if the fertility rite goes well.

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21 October 2018

Spooky Month 2018 Second

More spookyness is brought before you!
I'll let the picture and the 'flavor text' do the speaking.

October 21th - "Moment After Reconstruction" [Undead/Pinup]


"Don't worry, buttercup. We'll find you a new
fitting jaw in no time." Gnomeferatu soothingly says
to the fresh flesh construct, who is shocked to see
herself on the mirror - stitched up into a living corpse.
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15 October 2018

Spooky Month 2018!

First, I didn't post last weekends "picture" here, as it was a 14-page long single-panel spooky comic which I published only in my tumblr page. As it was so long, I couldn't post it here - I might do a simple webpage for easier reading.

Second, it is spooky month and with the comic off the way, time for Halloween themed picture(s)!
First we have hoowitches! Two of them are black as night and only have the worst in mind for you. The other two are humans playing witches in a cave.

October 15th - "Coven Initiation" [Human/Lesbian]
While there are witches that grind toddler's
into paste, there still are Hoowitches
who practice the arts for not so vile reasons -
but for the pleasure of the sisterhood.

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30 September 2018

Last day of September

We've reached end of Septermber and I guess next month is the Spooky Month - I suppose it's more zombies and vampiric gnomes.
Before the picture, here's a little comic that the tumblrs did already get back on Saturday.


September 30th - "Fun Behind Closed Curtains" [Nelf/SFW]
People can argue over which one
is the superior game, when all that
really matters is personal taste and
if you are having fun playing the game.
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One with keen eyes can see that the controller and system itself are just photoshopped in - I couldn't find any models for free and my skills aren't that high to make them myself.
And yes, me and my girlfriend do enjoy Paladins way more than Overwatch or any other game of same type. It's just much more fun and lot more characters to pick from - plus you have to stick to the character you chose the whole match.

23 September 2018

She got a rise!

Back back, to tell you big news!
Kia got a rise and finally isn't just the receptionist of the library! Woo! She even did get a new work outfit to look all fancy with her hair twirled up into a bun.
Hmm, think one could list that previous line as spoilers for the picture.

September 23th - "A Rise and New Work Outfit" [Human/SFW]
With her extensive studies to proper restoration
of old tomes and books finally concluded,
Kia got a rise and better position in the library.
No more sitting behind the desk to work as the
librarys pretty receptionist.
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15 September 2018

She's back! No not her. I mean her.

Time to post something out, as we are already half way through September.

I've been working on few new models, where one you'll see on todays picture. I made few chances from her previous picture. I removed few of the bolts and the neon lights from her spine. She isn't 100% ready yet, yet good enough to be published.

September 15th - "Practice Makes Better" [Gnome/SFW]
What better way to get ready for the
upcoming highlight of yearly events,
than to have some practice drinks with
your friends at your favorite mead house.

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01 September 2018

Last Month of Summer #8

It is still August 31th in Niue(11PM when typing this)! So basically I'm not late with the final picture of August! HA!
I had two more picture ideas for the Draenei Month, however September is here and I'm once again lazy. I'll reserve them for another time, especially the big orgy picture. Now I'll have ample of time to plan it out, for example the races and positions.

With the end of Draenei Month, this finale should do at least some justice even when I'm still not 100% happy with her model(minor glitches and bad rigging).

September 1st - "Last Month of Summer #8" [Draenei/Nelf/Straight]
Field research can be hard work and all that walking
will no doubtly make anybodys feet all sore.
A nice relaxing bath or massage can help speed
up the recovery. However, Draeneis don't have feet
but hooves. I don't know where I'm going here as
this has nothing to do with the picture.
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27 August 2018

Last Month of Summer #7

Bah! I'm getting lazy with my Sunday updates, I keep slipping to Monday with the picture.
Anyways, time for what will be the second to last of Augusts Draenei themed pictures. Be warned, it contains scalies and gayness.

August 27th - "Last Month of Summer #7" [Draenei/Yaoi/Anal]
While onboard a large ship, cruising over the Great Sea,
the burly Draenei stumbled across two Tortollans below
deck where they kept a hidden shop with exotic wares.
Interested in some of the items, he tried to haggle for
a better price but the Tortollans had something else in mind.

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