18 February 2019

Sunless Skies

I dun goofed!
I was working on a post-Valentine's picture and I lost interest in it and made another pictures to show what I've been doing the past days.

February 18th - "Sunless Skies" [Murloc/Filler/SFW]
Murloc dun goofed!
Something went wrong and
now the locomotive is in the skies!
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Bonus picture with the games title on it. Click here!

10 February 2019

Booties of the Sea!

I had to think hard if this picture would be considered SFW or NSFW. Before I came into any conclusion, my girlfriend pointed out that their buttcracks are visible. BAM! Instantly R-rated! Case closed.

February 10th - "Kul Tiran Booties"[Human/Pinup/BBW]
Chocolate is one of the most popular
sweets in Azeroth. It comes in various
tones, where milk and white are the
most common ones sought after.

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03 February 2019

Love Potion is done!

January is behind, so it's time to announce 2019 is finally on!
Unless you've seen my twitter feed of a gnome, but those doesn't count.

I had many ideas how to start the year, yet in the end I decided to start with a simple picture that I've had waiting since last spring.
These three young ladies keeps walking around the district and trying to solve their problem, until now!

February 3rd -" Creation of Perfect Love Potion"[SFW/NPC/Human]
After many years of faild attempts,
Janey, Lisan and Suzanne finally
managed to brew up the perfect
love potion they've dreamed of.
Hope all this time was worth the wait.

30 December 2018

New Year's Eve's Eve!

'Tis end of year 2018! All hail 2019!

There was still one more Winter Veil gift to give out and here it is.
This last and fifth gift was wished by a shy Gnome, who only wished for a single gift. Buzzwick is his name and his gift is an famous librarian.

December 30nd - "Happy New Year!" [Draenei/Gnome/Paizuri/Comm]
There was a shy Gnome that only wished
for a single, yet very large present of his dreams.
The gift didn't arrive in time, yet the Gnome wasn't
sad as he recieved an invitation to meet his gift giver
at the "library of dreams" just before New Years Eve.
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23 December 2018

Winter Veil Bonus: Merry Christmas 2018!

Christmas is soon here!
Small side info, the base of the character is fully randomized in Modelviewer, with me only giving the faint touch of originality.

December 22th - "Merry Christmas 2018!" [Pinup/SFW]
Merry Christmas
a happy New Year!
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16 December 2018

Winter Veil 2018: Gift Four!

 Sunday picture time!

The gnomes once again tried their best to understand the wish and hope they got the descriptions as close as possible without any visual aid. The wish was for two friends who are very close to each other and for him to be very close to erupt. Naughty!

The fourth gift was wished by Gramgro.

December 16th - "Winter Veil 2018: Gift Four" [Troll/Tauren]
It is very irrational to carry your decorations
everywhere while traveling through the country.
That is why a single bundle of Mistletoe is superb
to kindle a troll and slowly drive him closer and
closer to the vulcanic climax of bliss.

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11 December 2018

Winter Veil 2018: Gift Three!

More commissioned gift time!

The third one was wished by Tankydwarf

The gnomes had some trouble of deciphering this next wish, but they managed to come up with something that hopefully is what was wished for.

December 11th - "Winter Veil 2018: Gift Three" [Human/Pinup/NPC]
Winter Veil is closing and Emma Felstone,
also known as Ol' Emma, is getting into festive mood
and she's getting help with the decorations from a
charity group - giving her ample time treat her guests.

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09 December 2018

Winter Veil 2018! #Gift Two

Time for another Winter Veil gift to be revealed!

The second one was wished by SunGlassFun, who wished for a cute lil' package that he couldn't wait to "plow open", ho ho ho!

December 9th - "Winter Veil 2018: Gift Two" [Gnome/Human/Size]
Still over two more weeks before one can
open their Winter Veil presents, but he couldn't
wait for that long after seeing how cute the
'package' looked with ribbon and all.
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06 December 2018

Twitter twatter!

Heads up! Letting you peeps and lurkers know, since tumblr is going down the drain, I've created twitter account where to 'find me'.
  == https://twitter.com/Cubed_Murloc ==​

02 December 2018

Winter Veil 2018! #Gift One


Jingle Jangle! It be Winter Veil month now!

The Gnomes have been working hard sorting through all the wishes they recieved and they have worked hard on the first gift and ready to reveal it out for all to be seen
('tho they've gotten lazy and copy-pasted this text from last year)!
The first one was wished by Woodsman, who wanted their priestess to tease the viewer by lifting up their hem above her ample bottom, whilst standing by a Moonwell(the one in character menu) but the Gnomes couldn't find the assets - so they put here stand in the moonwell instead.
I hope this gift is taken with joy, even if the artist took some creative liberties.

December 2nd - "Winter Veil 2018: Gift One" [Nelf/Pinup]
Winter Veil is upon us again and this
Night Elf priestess knows what it means
when standing underneath a mistletoe.
Altough, she's put a naughty twist into it

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24 November 2018

Three Hammers High!

Last weekend I didn't publish anything, due to getting lazy and drawn back into Civ6. So the usual reason.

I've had the idea for this picture over two years, after listening to a song in Dragonforces 'Maximum Overload' album. I made quick scetches next day while at work on my notebook of different scenes with the same theme - and then put into my drawer of unused ideas for over two years. I think with the release of certain allied race, it made this picture more possible than ever(not that it wouldn't have been possible before) with unique features.

November 24th - "Three Hammers Riding" [Dwarf/Orgy]
"Three hammers high, in the burning red sky!
Forged in the fire, protectors of dwarfkind!
Three hammers high, for the world we unite!
Fight for our lives, as we hold up the three hammers high!"
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In case interesed of the song, video below.