07 January 2017

Lazy month.

Just here to tell you people that I'm having my yearly one month vacation from doing WoW smut.
It is not that I need to take a time off from this, it is more that I'm always too lazy to do anything during January. I might try to work on my non-existing Blender skill, get my gallery sorted out and figure out how those bloody spam-bots gets through my blocker or nothing at all and just be all lazy ass.

So have this filler of a silly engraving I made last summer.

31 December 2016

End of Year!

The year isn't over yet! At least where I live.
Much like last year, here is the final Boom to end of Winter Veil/Christmas.


31th December "End of Winter Veil Through Dreams" [Selanaar/Draenei/Dwarf/Straight]
She was sleeping like a good girl,
but in her dreams she ended
into the Naughty Book.
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28 December 2016

Last window - finally!

Time for the last window!
I'm five days late, but Christmas happened - that's my reason.

28th December "Quiet End for the Night [Selanaar/Tease/NonEro]
Could this be finally something
the 'lil Helper was looking for?
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20 December 2016

Window three!

Couple of days late, but all technical problems have been dealt with.
Time to see what is behind the window!

20th December "Yet Another One Into the Naughty Book"[Troll/Goblin/Anal/Straight/Yuhuja]
Yuhuja should know very well that
stealing from other people she will
end into the naughty book.
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11 December 2016

Window numer two!

What's behind window number two?
Let us have a look!

11th December "Watching Over[Night Elf/Tease/NonEro]
The Lil' Helper didn't know what to expect,
she definitely didn't expect to see this!

06 December 2016

Decemberween is here

Check below what the lil' helper sees behind the frosty window!

6th December "She Ends Into the Naughty Book" [Human/Draenei/Straight/Anal/Urdina]
What the lil' Winter Veil Helper saw
through the frosty window. It might be
that Urdina is ending into the naughty book.
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27 November 2016

End of the line for this train.

It's the end of the line! Everyone step out of the Commission-train passenger carts.

That's right, it's time for the last requested commission picture!
I had quite fun doing all of these and I will most likely at some point do it again.

This one was requested by rielahn from tumblr.

27th November "Master and Apprentice" [Tauren/Troll/Straight/Comm]
When her father had sent her to learn
under his friend's teachings, he didn't expect
what would happen between them.
Especially anything forbidden
between student and her teacher.
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