18 March 2018

Revamp: Urdina dé Mercury

It's revamp time!
I decided after that last picture to work on Urdinas' model. It isn't much, although some might say it is too much.
She was in the first place supposed to be the exotic beauty from a far away land, with strange marks and wide hips.
Well now she is even wider! Yet still one of the "slimmest" characters on my list.

18th March - "Urdina dé Mercury 2018 Revamp" [Human/Pinup]
Urdina always had wide hips.
But after a sudden growth spurt,
she grew even wider!
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09 March 2018

Shopping with the Girls

Let us continue with something different. It's not that different but still!
I wanted to use one of my oldest characters in this one, but also ended up using a pair of the newer ones as well.

9th March - "Shopping With the Girls" [SFW/Human/Draenei]
While on a duty leave from her usual
post in Hearthglen, Urdina spent her
day shopping with her new friend.
Luckily her friends' brother was with
them to carry all the parcels.
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25 February 2018

Beauty Queen Contest Winner

While we wait for the cooldown to reset after three Selanaar pictures,
here is something different - yet it contains huge boobs like before.


25th February - "Miss Demoness Beauty Queen" [Demon/Pinup/BBW]
Time for something different.
The minions of the Legion might have gotten bored
while waiting to be summoned into a new world.
This is one of the activities they held while spending time.
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18 February 2018

Post Valentine's Day 2018

Remember that tease from earlier this week, on Valentine's Day?
Well here you go, the aftermath of that said tease: ANOTHER TEASE! Well, sort of.

18th February - "Post Valentine's Day 2018" [Draenei/Penetration/Tease]
Who is the lucky one that managed to
win date with Selanaar on Valentine's Day?
That is you to decide on your own!
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14 February 2018

Valentine's Day 2018

Valentine's Day is upon us!
Have a lovely day - even if it's workday and the day after it.

13th February - "Valentine's Day 2018" [Draenei/Pinup/Tease]
Happy Valentine's Day!
If you don't have anyone, remember your friends instead!

Last weekends picture got drafted for another time due to Civilization 6's expansion that consumed the weekend.

04 February 2018

2018 - Wake up call!

January is behind and it is time to get back to work!
Let us begin the year 2018 with something simple - as you can forget amazingly lot in just a month!

4th February - "Wake up call - 2018" [Draenei/Pinup/Tease]
Rise and shine! Time to greet new day!
And a new year - after a month long sleep.

31 December 2017

Winter Veil: Gift Six

Jingle Jangle BOOM!!!

The Gnomes have finished with the final gift to give out and just in time for the New Years Eve!

That was close and quite a month it was! Total of eight pictures where seven were commissions! Phew!
This final picture was wished by Snow, who wished for a speed filled picture with fun times in it as well.
A interracial couple of a Dwarf and Pandaren having fun time during a sledding festival - while under the effect of alcohol.

With this picture, my year is done and I'll be having my yearly vacation all through January. I've made 47 pictures through the year, if not counting all the fillers and mini-pictures. That's quite lot of pictures to me!
I might still post this and that in Tumblr, but no new pictures for a month!

31th December - "Winter Veil 2017: Gift Six" [Dwarf/Pandaren/Comm]
On the last day of the year, the annual couples
sledding festival is held on the slopes of Ironforge Mountain.
Lot of beverage and food for all the couples to enjoy
between sledding. One couple got bit frisky from all the drinks
and though to spice things up while sledding.

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29 December 2017

Winter Veil: Gift Five

Jingle Jangle

The season is soon ending and a new year is beginning. The Gnomes have been working hard on the last gifts.

Time is really running out for the season, although the ancient Yulen time does continue all the way to January 6th.
Anyhoo, this gift was wished by snake224, who wished for a lone Dwarf(presumably a hunter) taming or just having some play time with a Frost Wolf up in Frostfire Ridge.

29th December - "Winter Veil 2017: Gift Five" [Dwarf/Zoophilia/Comm]
Winter Veil might be a Azerothian holiday,
that doesn't stop one from spreading the
holiday cheer to his or her love ones
in far away lands - even in different time
and alternative reality - and to a wolf.
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26 December 2017

Winter Veil: Gift Four

Jingle Jangle

As the Gnomes are recovering from food coma, they finally finish their next gift to the world.

This gift was wished by an shy anonymous guy, so we have no name to credit. But he did wish Selanaar to visit her friend Kia on Winter's Veil. This gave the Gnomes bit of an puzzle, as it didn't state anything else - so they made what first came into their minds. Hope you all like it and had a peaceful Christmas.

26th December - "Winter Veil 2017: Gift Four" [Draenei/Human/SFW/Comm]
Kia and Selanaar are resting from all the Winter Veil festives.
Hyvää Joulua kaikille!
Merry Christmas to all!
God Jul till alla!
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21 December 2017

Winter Veil Gift Three

Jingle Jangle

The Gnomes are back working and have the next gift ready and delivering it NOW!

The third gift has the name Typhon writen on it. I hope the Gnomes managed to make what he or she did wish for, Yuhuja the Bookworm visiting her dear friends down in Blackrock Depths.

21th December - "Winter Veil 2017: Gift Three" [Troll/Dwarf/Straight/Comm]
Being a Jungle Troll, Yuhuja prefers warm regions.
For this Winter Veil, she traveled to Blackrock Depths
to stay over at one of her dear "artifact collector"
colleague living down there with her husband.
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