19 September 2017

Pirate talking day 2017!

Yarr! It be Talk-like-a-Pirate day! Let us have some grog and plunder so-
By the scurvy dogs wench name! It be the Hunters!!![

September 19th "Elite Pirate Hunter Squad" [Gnome/SFW]
Full sails ahead, oceans painted red.
When the soldiers of fortune hunt for pirates.
No questions asked, we fulfil our task.
Tones all turn grey after sunset!
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17 September 2017

September quicky blast 2!

September is half through! That doesn't mean anything but ~Spooooky month~ is just around the corner.
But before that, we still have few weeks to go and new pictures to check out. Here's one of those. A very simple picture of a tiny firecracker with big heart and libido.

September 17th "Tiny Lapping Machine" [Gnome/Tauren/Lesbian]
Brixi is mostly after for the hardest of candies,
that tall boys can offer her. Although when given,
this little package of fierceness will happily chow
and suckle on a juicy peach, those country girls offer her.

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And no, she isn't getting crushed between the thighs - or maybe just a little.
Also a tiny nod for the old pictures I used to make with “sound effects” and texts in them.

04 September 2017

Orc Month Overtime!

Orc Month is going overtime! Although only for this final picture - which is the finale and raffle winner picture from tumblr. The theme was, SURPRISE SURPRISE! Orcs. The picture was commissioned by sonofsparta-bendam.

4th September "Orc Month - Garouya: Bendam: Rough Love"[Orc/Worgen/Straight/Comm]
This couple is innkeepers worst nightmare.
The loud sounds of rough sex and furnitures
getting broken with horrible mess drives other
customers away and causes hefty repair and cleaning
bills - which keeps the local carpenters busy and
well payed for months to come!

23 August 2017

Orc Month: Part five!

I'm here! Four days late, as I thought I had already posted this one out! :O
But yes, Orc Month continues, even if there was a quiet week there.

23th August "Orc Month - Yagza & Granarra: Ashenvale Skinny Dipping"[Orc/Pinup/Tease]

Since the opening of the Dark Portal back to Outland,
Granarra had befriended with a Mag'har Orc, Yagza.
Over the years their bond grew stronger and stronger,
and on a calm evening in Ashenvale, their friendship
transformed into something more.

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13 August 2017

Orc Month Part 4

Lok'tar ogar! It be still Orc Month!
Fourth Orc Month picture as arrived!

Note, as my summer vacation ends tonight, I will be returning back to my once a week(or every other week) schedule. So before I master the use of Blender and manage to make working models, no more twice a week parades.
Speaking of models, the Undead woman model is so full of holes that it was literally sewing pieces of her back together.
And yes, I know I haven't used Forsakens in my pictures that much.
Have a nice Sunday, Blight Boar is brutal. \,,/_ _\,,/

13th August "Orc Month - Tozunk: Blight Boar Concert" [Orc/Undead/Anal]
Tozunk heard that the Blight Boar concerts were brutal and
something you could only experience once in your life time
or twice if reanimated. During the gig, he met a fierce
corpse dancing her body off this world and firmly against his.
Given the opportunity, Tozunk wanted to try if it was true
what they said about undead women.
Apparently the answer is yes and no.
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10 August 2017

Orc Month Part 3!

Orc Month continues!
First of, I know this one isn't for everyone. You don't need to be a sorcerer to know this.
I had a complitely different idea first in mind, but I couldn't figure out how to position the toons
so that the Orc would be seen well enough. And while I was choosing the females for this picture, Modelviewer gave me one of the GILF skins. My girlfiend saw this and told me to make it as the theme.
So I did! Old veterans of war, meeting in Booty Bay during their cruise vacation.

10th August "Orc Month - Belg'Tur: Veteran Meeting Day" [Orc/Human/Threesome]
Belg'Tur fought in the first and second war.
He lost his right arm while trying to evade
Alliances hunt parties and was ultimately
captured into one of the internment camps.
There he had met two of the ward maidens
and befriended with in his weak state.
Now, after near two decades, they once again
meet in a much brighter light, on a vacation.

06 August 2017

Month of the Orcs! Part 2

Orc Month continues!
Time for the next Orc to be presented on this month of Orcs.
Yes, I know, Orctober would have been better, but I was reminded by that joke far too late.
Anyway, I got somewhat carried away with this picture and barely could fit everything into the picture.
I still have lot to learn with Blender and 3D-rigging. For example, I still can't get eyelids to work.
Also, I need to think if I'll use someone elses masterly made penis & testicles meshes, rather than making my own or just continue with the same path I have done so far - by drawing them in post-render.

Enjoy the steaming tea!

6th August "Orc Month - Sayla: Tea and Massage" [Orc/Pandaren/Tease/Footjob]
Sayla has a warrior soul and knows how to
handle axes like they were part of her.
When not serving in the army, she loves to
pampers herself with the finest Pandarian tea
and warm company. She is seen often travel all
the way to Pandaria just to enjoy this.
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03 August 2017

Month of the Orcs!

It's August, time to begin something unexpected(I think)!
I, here by name the year 2017's August, as the month of the Orcs!
This basicly means that every picture during this month, will contain at least ONE Orc.
Today, we'll start with a pear bottomed Orcette, by the name of Arzuzna, who likes hammering.
As a artists note, the picture has it's flaws and mistakes, but they are small enough so I can sleep at nights.

3rd August "Orc Month - Arzuzna: Hammering Dark Iron" [Orc/Dwarf/Straight]
Arzuzna has a very wanderlust spirit and loves
to meet new people. On her visit to Grim Guzzler,
she met a Dark Iron fellow who treated her with
drinks and company. Later that night, she wished
to repay him - and give more what he was expecting.
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31 July 2017

Winner number 2!

Here again with another picture!
I aimed to release this picture back on Sunday, but due to many unrelated things - I forgot.
So here I am to release a new picture(already) and this is actually another one of my montly tumblr raffle winners. Yes, I secretly had TWO winners this month.
Now onto the picture. This one was commissioned by Velvetdollhouse.

31th July "The Three Specs of a Rogue"[Nelf/Troll/Threesome/Bi/Comm]
Below Dalaran, in the sewers, hides a secret organization
of rogues, The Uncrowned. Here the sneakiest and deadliest
roguest plan their dirty works and trade vital intelligences.
Here they also train further to master their chosen paths:
Assassination, Subtlety and Outlaw.