17 June 2012

Teasing teasing teasing

It's a rainy day over here<3

I'm slowly trying to find even better way to use this new method I use to make there pictures.
I still have clearly some "difficulties" with the colours but it's more because using the light effects.

But hey! This is amazing! I made a new picture already only after one week!
So yes, undergarment milf Sel. This is clearly one of my tamest picture about Selanaar.

17th June."Teasing Mother" [Draenei/Solo/BBW/Tease]

Little did he know, this ancient draenei mother had some tendency to tease people.


Anonymous said...

New style looks great, just like your old stuff. :D Have you considered making different sizes, since it's kind of a pain to have to scroll to see the whole picture?

Anonymous said...


She looks... a bit saggy in this one, suppose that's more realistic though!

Either way, looks fantastic, still your best girl as always <3

Anonymous said...

Oh god its sel, and she looks amazing as always! She's hiding a lot of her amazing skin though :(

Sel is always #1 though

Anonymous said...

More like this please <3