02 August 2010


Update time!

Time for something once again what I haven't done in years!


Iz dat bestiality!?!?

Why yes, yes it is. Though the Unicorn is a Druid-feral form *chuckles*

"Surprising Gift"[Bestiality/Horsecock/Teasing]
Semi-Req by Dixie who was part making the idea of this image.

Selanaar has made over the years many friends around the worlds, some of them with benefits for a thing or two.
One of the "newest" friend is a lone druid that lives up in north, on Northrends vast forests and cold plains while not resting in her hidden lair.
These two friends had met and quite often after that time visited each other in a short period, mostly when Sel was in Dalara.
One day, her friend wanted to surprise Sel with a pleasing gift from all the company and warmth Sel had given.

I'm a day or two late I know.
This times reason is that after I got myself a new computer, I had some troubles with getting my Wacom Bamboo's drivers to work and
to find out where these annoying Windows built in functions can be turned off. Really kill'd my motivation.

No second picture as this is quite a big one and I didn't really have any idea for a second picture to pair up with this one with equal spark.

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