23 March 2008

Two new!

I thought I would pubish comment that was sent to me about the second picture with the shota action.
True it's a boy and not an adult, but due to all the lore and fantasy given to W4rCr4ft, there is no actualy facts or lore of the ageing process of an Draenei. How fast do they mature and grow? At what age are you adults? So many questions and no answers given.

I only tagged the picture as Shota and told in the backstory that it's an young boy, but what if the boy is actualy an teen? Who knows.

Actualy the comment that was posted nearly made me laugh aloud (^^)-b

Anyways, there might be a rule or not, but as long as no age is told and it's fictional and not real, I stand behind "free speech".
Also, I'm really surprised that someone even checks these old posts :D

Copy from my thread hehe^^;

Forgive me for my absent... Been busy with this thing called, "Life".
Aaaand being lazy and all... ^^;
But here is now two new updates for you all~


As a mother, Selanaar know how much it means to feed her children with her own breastmilk. It gives the child needed vitamins and resistances to diseases along with the food the baby needs.
But there is also a backfire if ones breasts produces too much milk and it begins to ache and even hurt sometimes. Luckily, she has many hungry mouths to feed along with her child and friends. Friends who gladly will help her in her aching pain.

Might be bit yucky for some of you viewers, but this was morely of a experemental picture with Sels actual face and... something else... hehe.

#2(This one I had to remove from Darknest as it was violating the rules of underaged characters in anykind of picture or story)

Back in Draenor, when Selanaar used to be a teacher. She had notices one of her pupils was remarkably talented in anything he was tasked, he was also very intelected for a child of his age.
One day after school, Selanaar decided to give some private teaching for the boy and wanted to see how far ahead he could study from the other pupils... Seemingly, ALOT further.

I hope you won't hunt me down now for making a Shota picture... I worked so hard on him... And still he looks like... like... Something...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, the content in the first picture is absolutely wonderful. It's fantastic. I'm going to have to show my hubby that when he arrives home from work.

Kiñuru said...

I love this Picture really much i like it where Sel do her Work *Smile*

Greetings Kiñuru

Kiñuru said...

*Edit* And the Pic where Sel has too much milk in her Breasts are sweet i wan't to Change with that guy *hehe*

Anonymous said...

Holy crap D:!!! Thats soooo Hot!! lol, dont listen to what these ppl have to say. Dont let them spoil your creativity. I Think its very hot lol, you should make more :)

Maybe a tauren filling up some glasses with her milk for the orphans? :D

Shota is awesome :)

Anonymous said...

wow! O.O for some reason that 1 with the kid really turned me on lol.. wish she was my teacher...

btw... are you a boy or a girl that is drawing these? :3

WildCardCorsair said...

Wow, Sel's boobs were alot smaller back then huh?

Hyperher0 said...

I'd love to be that kid.Hope I didn't sound weird or perverted when i said that...