15 March 2008

No real news heh

Nothing much to tell yet, hehe.

Second day soon over and we've been got bit futher in Pn'P roleplay^^

But the real news is what my dear dear friend did link and post to me.
Cubehead: an 16 year old girl doing erotic screenshots of her cyber-character on earthern ring. She always whines about people doesn't comment her pictures enough. Has also decided her "art-work" isn't worth posting to see unless she gets TEN comments per new post. Her screams for attention unfortunately work.

I couldn't stop laughing when I read this. It's only correct in few places actualy to be sure xD
1. I do play on Earthern Ring
2. I did decide that I "want" then comments for each new image before posting the next one, and it has been working so far.

But still, it's just so funny that who ever did write this thing really just wants to mess around.
It's so funny I can't even be mad, which I wouldn't be anyway^^ But still, am I really a 16 year old girl that whines and posts altered screenshots of my cyber-character? She is my main character yes, but still :D I've never said I was a girl, even if I do have my gender hidden, 90% of everyone knows I am a male ;P

Check more from here: http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/Darknest

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